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Charity Trek

With the slogan of working on the respective fields "Where culture, traditions, adventures meet and promotes the livelihood of the remote Himalaya”. 5% of the total profit from HST Adventures contributes to “Sustainable Himalayan Foundation." Read More

Women Empowerment

self-defense and outdoor safety lessons), with the initiative of walking along with the competitive gender, women tend to enable themselves as one independent self. Hence, it is the process through which women can elaborate, recreate in the Read More

Mental Health Workshop

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental condition that occurs when experiencing or witnessing any terrifying incident. Some of the symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks about the events, severe anxiety and uncontrollable Read More


Sustainable Himalayan Foundation was founded in 2017, in Kathmandu, Nepal, by a small group of people who wanted to respond to the pressing problems of their beautiful country – problems which go vastly unaddressed and often unnoticed by the outside world.

Nepal is a country rich in natural beauty and kind-hearted people, but where poverty is all too often a part of daily life.

  • Today, many Nepali people struggle without healthcare, education, or access to any form of mental health support. Thousands of young girls live in danger of being trafficked, and traditional ways of life, which have historically been sustainable for many villagers in rural parts of Nepal, are fast disappearing.
  • Sustainable Himalayan Foundation exists to bring positive, tangible change to communities and lives in Nepal.


Facilitating empowerment is at the core of everything we do.
We provide the environment, tools and resources to facilitate the empowerment of individuals and communities in Nepal.

This takes various forms through our on-going projects, such as our school reconstruction program in Tanahun, or our multi-day mental health and anti-trafficking workshops in Kathmandu for vulnerable women. We also help our partners in bettering educational services in rural regions of the country, in order to continue to make education more accessible for current and future generations. We are also involved in supporting sustainable mountain tourism – ensuring that high-altitude workers are not exploited, paid a fair wage, and given the tools and support to further their careers.