Sustainable Himalayan Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of women living in the underprivileged, rural communities where we run our projects by providing them with economic tools, a basic education, improved health and a life without violence. To achieve this objective we run Education, Rights and Life Skills, Income Generation & Marketing, and Women’s Trafficking Prevention projects under our women Empowerment Program. We believe that through the empowerment of women and children, the entire community can be transformed.

From 2017 SHF has worked with the women and girls from different background, providing education and training to women aged 14 to 45, focusing where there is lack of Education, Poor Health & Sanitation, Gender discrimination, Sexual abuse and Trafficking. Sustainable Foundation will also initiate these programs in upcoming years.


Mental health workshop

We are currently living in a world where one in four people are currently affected by mental disorders, and 3 out of 4 people suffering from mental disorders do not receive any treatments. Neuropsychiatric conditions account 13% of total disabilityRead More

Winter sports festival

Nepal is home to the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Eight of the fourteen highest peaks of the worlds are located here. One of the most unexplored and under developed sectors of adventure tourism in Nepal is Ski- Mountaineering.Read More

Chrity trek

With the slogan of working on the respective fields ‘Where culture, traditions, adventures meet and promotes the livelihood of the remote Himalaya”. 5% of the total profit from HST Adventures contributes to “Sustainable Himalayan Foundation. Read More