Nepal is home to the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Eight of the fourteen highest peaks of the worlds are located here. One of the most unexplored and under developed sectors of adventure tourism in Nepal is Ski- Mountaineering. Nepal is a world-class destination the adventure tourism capital of the world and an excellent outlet for high altitude, adventurous skiing. Sustainable Himalayan Foundation has dedicated its time to discover and develop such fantastic opportunities right here in Nepal.

Skiing by design encourages the eco tourist, adventure tourist and trekker to explore and discover the true hidden beauties within Nepal. Sustainable Himalayan Foundation is motivated to support the communities in the region encouraging tourists into areas that would normally be out of season it is important for our organization to help create job opportunities and support the development of communities in this ski assessable regions. Most of Nepalese have been fans of winter sports since childhood but were only been ever to enjoy them through video games and foreign sports channel. There are now many skiing destinations in Nepal such as Annapurna base camp, Dhaulagiri camp and the one closest to Kathmandu is the one in Kalinchok. The numbers are increasing.

The main objectives we as an organization want to develop the exploration and promotion of the hidden aspects of Himalayas in Nepal. This appeal is to a wider audience of adventure and eco tourists. There are many areas left to explore especially on a pair of skis and if you combine this with the trekking and adventure potential the list is endless in Nepal. Since 2015, Sustainable Himalayan Foundation organizes annual International Ski Festival in Mukinath, Mustang, and plans to hold more events and competitions in Future. And also, aims to teach Nepalese youngsters skiing, snowboarding, ski touring and ski Mountaineering.

We provide all ski, mountaineering equipment and high mountain gears. We do not charge anything for the training and all our instructors dedicate their time on a voluntary basis. Our previous workshop, trainings and events more than 2000 Young Nepalese have been benefited to date.

From 2017 SHF has worked with the women and girls from different background, providing education and training to women aged 14 to 45, focusing where there is lack of Education, Poor Health & Sanitation, Gender discrimination, Sexual abuse and Trafficking. Sustainable Foundation will also initiate these programs in upcoming years.


Mental health workshop

We are currently living in a world where one in four people are currently affected by mental disorders, and 3 out of 4 people suffering from mental disorders do not receive any treatments. Neuropsychiatric conditions account 13% of total disabilityRead More

Women Empowerment

Self-defense and outdoor safety lessons), with the initiative of walking along with the competitive gender, women tend to enable themselves as one independent self. Hence, it is the process through which women can elaborate, recreate in theRead More

Chrity trek

With the slogan of working on the respective fields ‘Where culture, traditions, adventures meet and promotes the livelihood of the remote Himalaya”. 5% of the total profit from HST Adventures contributes to “Sustainable Himalayan Foundation. Read More