Cathy was adopted at an early age and experienced the mental health aspects that went along with being in an orphanage and brought up in a family that wasn’t her own. She always felt she never belonged and never felt worthy, which gave her a lack of self-confidence and esteem. This led her entering into a 2-year abusive relationship at 15, which ended in violence and rape. She has experienced first-hand, how being mistreated as a woman leads to long term lack of self-belief and mental health problems.

Cathy started kick boxing to increase her confidence and felt extremely empowered, not because she was able to fight but the mental strength, she got from being able to release her anger, therefore helping with her depression and anxiety. It also made her more confident to talk about what happened to her, which she had kept silent for so long, and talking about emotions is an important catalyst to healing and becoming mentally stronger. She was so motivated by the powerful effect that it had on her mental state that she gave up her career as a forensic photographer for the police to get her professional boxing license. Unfortunately, in 1998 there was an incredible lack of support for women in sport especially boxing and she faced many obstacles from promoters, sponsors, trainers and gyms and it became clear about the extent of sexism within boxing. This gave her more determination and drive to pave the way for future women within the sport and she spent 10 years at the top of her professional field winning English and European Titles and being ranked number three in the World, which are reflected in her drive to help others succeed. Prior to getting her Professional boxing license, she fought in over 25 kick boxing competitions, winning two British titles.

When Cathy was forced to retire from boxing due to neural damage in her neck, she hit depression as everything she had relied on for mental strength had been taken away. She felt she needed to understand her mindset more to be able to become stronger mentally, so studied sports psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. Cathy has been described as ‘The Soul Trainer’ as she is concerned just as much with the mental wellbeing as with physical, using a unique blend of physical training and cognitive behavioral therapy and designed a unique blend of the two to help other women who are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, lack of confidence and self-esteem as she experienced the incredibly positive effects that boxing and therapy combined gave her. Cathy brings over 27 years of fighting experience and knowledge from competing and coaching in boxing.

Cathy and her husband created Boxology® Academy: Boxing is becoming increasingly popular and many trainers and coaches are holding pads for their clients incorrectly and teaching bad form, therefore either injuring their clients or themselves because they haven’t been taught correct technique. Boxology® Academy is designed to give extensive knowledge to any coach who wants to use boxing as a form of training, so that they can then teach optimum boxing technique and safely. The courses also cover anatomy and physiology, mental training, injury prevention, joint health, strength and conditioning exercises to help keep client/boxer and coach strong. They recently returned from Iraq, where they worked on a boxing project with a charity in a camp that protects women and children who were abused and raped during IS reign in 2014. The boxing project was to help strengthen mental health of those affected and to train two women to become boxing coaches, so that they can carry on coaching boxing in the camps and get paid so they can feed their families. They will be working with the sustainable Himalayan foundation in Nepal to help women and children develop mental strength through a unique boxing and mental health program.

From 2017 SHF has worked with the women and girls from different background, providing education and training to women aged 14 to 45, focusing where there is lack of Education, Poor Health & Sanitation, Gender discrimination, Sexual abuse and Trafficking. Sustainable Foundation will also initiate these programs in upcoming years.
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