The purpose of “Sustainable Himalayan Foundation” is to work for the Himalayan lives, women empowerment, and other borne factors, which are few to be named. The customary network of this foundation has missioned to help the Himalayan remote lives in the various parts of Nepal. These funds raised benefits the foundation to work efficiently for the future projects enlisted for the betterment of the society of Nepal. Also, we have received tremendous support and coordination that are ready to work in the different segments as volunteers.

This Foundation has vision to support Nepalese by providing assistance in the fields of health, employment and other fundamentals to the rural parts of Nepal. However, envisioning this small deed to a society is relatively via practical approach and launching this Foundation is to attempt and promote the ideas of sustained Himalayan life. Hence, we hope that it can promote tourism sector more efficiently and flourish the better life and help to implement these collective efforts for the welfare of Nepalese children, women and the entire society.

As a nature privileged country, we still lack in compared to other developed neighboring countries so, a small move can indeed improve the situations of the Himalayan communities and we have oath to appropriately encourage through this kind contribution.

As Nepal is a center of tourist hub, which has a benefit of networking and can provide these communities across the Himalayan regions a chance of improvement. Thus, the foundation has already established a network in the UK and Nepal, and visions in spreading other effectual chapters in other countries as well. Sustainable Himalayan Foundation is a team of veterans, highly skilled adventure enthusiasts and passionate filmmaker.

Sustainable Himalayan Foundation is based in Kathmandu, Nepal which co-ordinates and manages for the betterment of societal projects in Nepal. In addition to this, it consists of a small group of dedicated volunteers without their sincerity and dedication in the paths of promoting the cultural and ancestral factors of Nepal wouldn’t be possible. We believe and hope for a sensible society around the world that would bring harmony, peace and equality, if all the individuals cultivate the sense of humanity and charity.